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Natural Home Remedies for Freckles


Sometimes we can observe flat dark colored spots, generally round in shape in the skin. These spots are formed by the precipitation of pigment at a particular place on the skin.

These sports are termed as freckles. These spots are clearly visible due to their dark color and also because the skin around these spots is lighter in color.

These freckles are more clearly visible when exposed to sunlight. This is because they are sensitive to the ultra violet radiations of the sun. Freckles can occur in any part of our body. However the area exposed to the sun are more prone to receive a freckle.

There are mainly two types of freckles which can occur on human body i.e., lentigine freckles and ephelide freckle. Ephelides are clearly visible during hot weather and become faint during cold weather conditions. The spots of ephelide freckles are light brown or red in color. The spots in case of lentigines are dark black or tan colored and they generally do not fade away during cold weather.

The freckles can inherit from one generation to the next generation due to their heredity characteristics. The factors like hormonal imbalance, long term exposure to harmful radiations of the sun, genetic disorders, some skin disorders etc are mainly responsible for the problem of freckles.

Freckles do not have any health complications associated with them. However for beauty conscious people they may be a problem. A freckle on the face may spoil the over all look of a person. There are certain natural and home based treatments which can make the dark colored spots light.

Applying sugar mixed lemon juice on the sport on a regular basis makes the freckle light by bleaching the spot. A paste made from the sesame seeds and turmeric is very helpful in making the freckles light. Apply this paste on for few days, you will find that the spot looks quite light. Washing face with curd water is also very common and effective remedy for freckles.


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